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Deerfield Beach AC Services Deerfield Beach, FL 954-284-0978We depend on the air conditioner for basic creature comforts so much that it has shifted from a want to a necessity.  In areas like Deerfield Beach, FL area where temperatures can be unforgiving at times the air conditioning is no longer a luxury. Sales of air conditioning units have quadrupled over the past few decades alone with manufacturers also increasing their ingenuity in the design and functionality of these modern engineering marvels. The benefits of modern manufacturing methods like efficiency, better cooling and longevity are not realized if the AC unit is not properly installed. A bad installation job is all it takes to ruin even the best AC unit on the market.

It would not be wise to spend loads of money buying a good AC unit and skimping on installation. That is why you need to call Deerfield Beach AC Services on 954-284-0978 to have one of our accredited technician guide you through the installation process.

Can you install an AC improperly?

You can install an air conditioner improperly as a DIY project and it may still work. A working AC does not necessarily mean that an AC was properly installed. Once you start running an improperly installed air conditioner you are surely likely to run into problems down the road like inflated energy bills, frequent breakdowns and it will definitely not run upto the full length of its lifespan. So before you get advice off the internet on how to do it yourself call one of our experts.

How we carry out the installation process?

There are a lot of commercial and residential properties we work with around the area and we developed a system we use to give every client the best experience every time they work with us.

Step 1: Consultation

The first step if you have not already done so is to help you pick out the best AC unit for your property based on its specific requirements. This means that the air conditioner we choose will be suited to your needs.

Step 2: Assessment:

This is where we formulate an installation plan based on the size, ductwork layout and cooling areas of your property.

Step 3: Estimates:

At Deerfield Beach AC Services we give our clients clear and precise quotations on the charges that will be incurred. This avoids unnecessary unpleasantness brought by sudden price shifts during the process. The customer will always know how much it will cost when they sign up.

Step 4: The installation process

Once the first steps are settled the AC unit is now installed. Our company will lay out the ductwork, mount the unit the right way and insulate all the necessary areas.

Step 5: Aesthetics

Drill holes or duct lines left visible after installation is an eyesore. Our company will take care of all the visible after effects of installation to leave your property looking just as good as it did.

Step 6: Cross-checking

After installation is done the team does not leave until they ensure that everything is working just as it should. The unit’s performance is measured against manufacturer’s specifications to have it working at optimum.

We install it all:

From installing a new ductless mini-split AC at home to installing a centralized HVAC system in the office, the AC installation services we provide in the Deerfield Beach, FL covers about every air conditioning need our clients can have. Dial 954-284-0978 to get your AC installed right by one of our experts.