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Deerfield Beach AC Services Deerfield Beach, FL 954-284-0978The indoor air quality is linked to a host of serious health problems. The air quality can affect the human respiratory system and cause fatal allergic reactions, bronchitis or even cancer. The HVAC can do a lot more than controlling the room air temperature, it also controls the indoor air quality. The air conditioner recirculates the air inside a room but we cannot assume that it automatically purifies it. There can still be dust, pollutants, spores and other contaminants in the enclosed space you live or work at. You need to focus on controlling the indoor air quality as much as you pay attention to regulating the room temperature. You can work with us at Deerfield Beach AC Services, to get our expert advice on how to improve the quality of air in your residence/ workspace in Deerfield Beach, FL area.

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Indoor air quality improvement:  3-phase process:

Phase 1: Assessment

This step is important in formulating measures to improve the air quality of your property. Most companies will suggest over-the-top measures that will be expensive and unnecessary. Our technicians do not paint gloom and doom to extort more money. Rather we do a careful assessment and advice on whether it is necessary to proceed.

Phase 2: HVAC unit cleaning

This is probably the most important step in improving the indoor air quality. An HVAC unit works by recirculating air around the room through the ducts and vents. Over time the ducts accumulate all the dust, allergens and pollen that is in the air passing through it and eventually it just becomes contaminated air circulating in the room. Our expert technicians will clean all the vents and ducts with special cleaners that remove all particulate/microbial matter to make sure the HVAC is as clean as possible.

Phase 3: Installing additional equipment

The right additional equipment can take your indoor air quality from passable to healthy. Our team will assess the level of contamination on your property and suggest any equipment or combination of equipment that should be installed. This may include UV lights that kill pathological microbes or full home air filtration and purifier systems.

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The main goal of Deerfield Beach AC Services, is not profitability, it is customer satisfaction. You do not need to worry that purifying the air in your home will cost you an arm. We use all budget-friendly resources available to give our clients the best air purification services at affordable prices. The full estimate quotation you will be given at the start of the process will be all you will be required to pay. There are no additional charges that will be added on. The rates we charge are among the best in Deerfield Beach, FL area.

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