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Deerfield Beach AC Services is an AC services company that provides innovative installation, maintenance, repair, consultation and indoor air quality improvement services. The company is a market leader in the AC service industry. Our ‘start to finish 360 degree’ AC solution service is designed with the customer in mind to provide professional guidance from the time the air conditioner unit is bought and installed to the end of its useful life. The repair and maintenance services we have provided to our clients in the Deerfield Beach, FL has set our company on a plinth in the market space as on the best service providers. We go to all the possible lengths to deliver top-notch reliable services to keep our position way ahead of the competition.

Our company has built up a wealth of knowledge and technical skill and experience throughout the over two decades we have been serving both residential and commercial property owners. All the service jobs that our expert technicians undertake are done according to the best industry practices. From planning and laying down duct pipes in an office building to a repair job on a small portable air conditioning unit, the company technicians use their substantial technical proficiency to deliver the best services. Our customers can reach us at 954-284-0978 for a consultation and we will be available at any time.

How we started?

Before, most clients were at the mercy of AC service providers who took advantage of this to charge exorbitant fees and the customer could hardly compare to complain.  Additionally, customers could not find all the necessary information when buying an AC unit leading to most end users buying the wrong unit.  And there was a need for 24/7 repair and maintenance services that could be available when these machines go awry. In areas like Deerfield Beach, FL where people were becoming more and more dependent on HVAC systems, the need was especially felt with the available service providers proving either extremely unreliable or charging too much.

Then Deerfield Beach AC Services decided to step in and deliver the much needed 24 hours, quality and reliable service all at pocket-friendly prices. The company began as a small work shed start up with a limited staff but thanks to the resourceful services we have been providing to our customers, we have now grown into a powerhouse with a series of service centres and a huge team of technicians. We continue to lead the field in innovative and fresh processes we deploy in service delivery.

What makes us different?

Qualified and skilled team: Our technicians are leaders in AC services and we only choose the best to work for us. You can be assured of extreme aptitude when our experts work on your unit.  

Round the clock service: We provide 24-hour service delivery guarantee so it does not matter what time day or night you call us as our technicians will be available to serve you

Openness: Most AC service providers will not be upfront about all the costs that will be incurred during the service. Our company aims to maintain transparency all through the service and repair process. No hidden costs.

Pioneering:  Deerfield Beach AC Services uses all the latest technology and resources available to provide up to date and reliable services to its customers.

20 minutes or less:  Our company’s ETA is around 15-20 minutes almost 24 hours less than our competition.

These are all the reasons why we chose to go into our line of work and why you should trust us for the best service delivery. Call us now on 954-284-0978 to speak to an AC service expert.