Deerfield Beach AC Services - Emergency AC Service


Your AC unit is called into service almost every single day of the year, especially in the sweltering heat of the Deerfield Beach, FL summer. This continuous use can cause the AC to degrade over time which is normal. They are only man-made after all. The bigger problem is it is hard to predict just when these modern marvels of technology will stop working. Even after regular maintenance and repair, there are chances that the unit will experience unexpected downtime.

If you are ever in a situation where you are not prepared for this eventuality don’t worry because Deerfield Beach AC Services has your back. When you call 954-284-0978 our technicians will be prepared and at your property in less than twenty minutes to help you sort out the problem with your AC. All our customers already know that they can depend on our technicians to deliver prompt emergency AC services for both their commercial and residential properties.

How to Avoid AC emergencies

We already mentioned that these machines are man-made and as such, there is no way to absolutely guarantee that they will not break down. What you can do though is take some steps to minimize the risk of this happening.   

  • You should choose a maintenance plan that is affordable but can still keep your air conditioner in top condition
  • Check your AC regularly for any warning signs that it is not working as it should; if you find any call an expert immediately to have it checked before it becomes a bigger problem
  • Take care of your air conditioner, clean it and change out the filters regularly
  • Instead of using one AC unit for the whole building/property consider splitting the property into units with each being cooled by its own air conditioner.
  • Do not use your AC past its useful life; if it is too old get another one
  • Always keep the number of our technicians on hand for quick and reliable emergency response

If you find yourself with a broken down AC in the middle of a hot day or night do not suffer for long because we are always available to assist you to get back your comfort.

What sets us apart?

Round the clock services:Your air conditioner does not operate under regular business hours and neither do we; we are available 24/7 to help you get out of any jam your AC has put you in.

Years of experience: We have been servicing air conditioning units for the last twenty years and in that time we have picked up a bag full of tricks that our technicians use to give you the best service possible

Affordable: There are no extra charges levied on our 24-hour services. All of the costs charged will be affordable for anyone.

Punctual:Our technicians will not keep you waiting. In fact, we promise to be there in twenty minutes after you call us.

Customer Satisfaction: Our company values customer satisfaction and all our staff are trained to do everything possible to meet the customers’ needs

Some of the emergency AC services our company provides include:

  • Deerfield Beach AC Services Deerfield Beach, FL 954-284-0978Breakdown assistance
  • Prompt repairs
  • Refilling the coolant
  • Fixing any annoying noises coming from the AC
  • Emergency replacement of any parts
  • Critical installation or replacement
  • Fixing the compressor
  • Cleaning out clogged filter

Call us on 954-284-0978 to ask about any problem your AC may have. The technicians at Deerfield Beach AC Services will have the right solution for you.